1994 for METALUX marked the establishment of the first Ferrography Wear Particle Analysis Laboratory in South East Asia.  The facility started operations offering Machine Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Services.

Ferrography Wear Particle Analysis, performed on oil or grease samples, provides the earliest detection of abnormal wear of the lubricant-wetted components and diagnostics on the machine fault causing the wear condition.

1997 for METALUX saw the expansion of existing facilities and testing capabilities, culminating in a full-fledged Oil Analysis Laboratory offering Oil Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics Services to support condition-based maintenance. 

The laboratory organized 3 categories of test packages to meet clients’ individual oil testing objectives:

  1. Ferrography Wear Particle Analysis performed on oil or grease samples to provide Machine Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Services; 
  2. Oil Properties Test Packages to monitor base oil degradation and additives depletion to determine remaining useful life and fitness for continuing use, and to alert of contamination by wrong oil, water, coolant, or fuel. Left unnoticed, such contamination severely compromises lubricant performance and machinery life. 
  3. Oil Cleanliness Test Packages (Particle Counting & Karl Fischer Water) to support oil contamination control programmes deployed on a proactive maintenance strategy. Such a strategy extends the oil change interval and prolongs machine MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

1999 for METALUX saw the synergistic inclusion of Vibration Analysis services, products and training for machine fault detection and diagnostics for rotating equipment. 

Ferrography and Vibration Analysis are two separate techniques used to monitor machine condition.  Research has consistently shown that Ferrography Wear Particle Analysis for condition-based monitoring is best complemented when integrated with Vibration Analysis. While Oil Analysis (specifically Ferrography Wear Particle Analysis) provides earliest detection of tribology-related root causes of faults ahead of Vibration Analysis, Vibration Analysis provides earliest detection of vibration-related root causes of faults (for example, from mechanical misalignment causing immediately apparent changes to vibration spectrum).

2003 for METALUX marked the natural evolution of METALUX Oil Analysis cbmXpress which consolidated and expanded capabilities to provide a complete solution under one roof. cbmXpress emphasizes “big picture” holistic maintenance practices to maximize lubrication effectiveness and increase overall machine reliability. Metalux officers study our customers’ test reports carefully, considering machinery criticality, environment, and budget before customizing a cbmXpress solution. The cbmXpress range includes Oil Analysis services, Contamination Control products, and technical training and consultancy.