CbmXpress is a one-stop lubricant maintenance solution that helps our customers become more competitive and focused by delivering industry-leading capabilities that improve reliability and reduce downtime. At Metalux, we use our extensive industry experience to advise and fine-tune your proactive and condition-based maintenance strategy.
Your custom cbmXpress lubrication maintenance solution is crafted by our Lubrication Maintenance Specialist after analyzing your machines’ criticality, environment, and budget. Our cbmXpress range includes Oil Analysis services, Contamination Control products, and technical training and consultancy.
CBMxpress paves the way for long-term machinery health, and reduces your machines’ incidence of preventive or breakdown maintenance. The reduction in maintenance costs and improvement in reliability free up resources, allowing you to focus on business success. 
Oil Analysis Testing, Monitoring, and Diagnosis
Contamination Control products
Sampling tools
Technical training
Plant lubrication assessment and audit