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Metalux is the lubrication maintenance specialist providing machinery oil analysis services for condition monitoring and diagnostics to better ensure equipment reliability and plant availability. We also provide lubrication programme consultancy, training, assessment and audit. Tapping on our expertise and experience, we offer a select range of CleanOilSolutions products to support proactive lubrication maintenance best practices for oil and machine life extension.


  • In-Service Oil Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Lube Oil Cleanliness Monitoring
  • Membrane Patch Colorimetry
  • Ferrography Wear Particle Analysis
  • Equipment Survey for Oil Sampling Locations and Sampling Port Fittings
  • Lubrication Programme Assessment and Audit.
  • Vibration Analysis Programme Assessment & Audit
  • Lubrication Specialist Training (with STLE CLS certification exam)
  • Machinery Oil Analysis Training (with ICML MLA certification exam)
  • Lubrication Maintenance Training (with ICML MLT certification exam)
  • Metalux Desiccant Air Breathers
  • Lube ID Label Tags (Schematic & Colour-Coded)
  • OilSafe Oil Transfer Containers
  • OilSafe Bulk Oil Storage System
  • Portable Filtration Carts & Vacuum Dehydrator
  • Other CleanOilSolutions products
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