Metalux Values


To be your first-choice partner for world-class lubrication maintenance best practices.
    • Promote lubrication maintenance excellence through integrated Oil Analysis and Clean Oil Solutions ™.
    • Provide advanced laboratory testing facilities focused on condition monitoring in Asia. 
    • Deliver accurate reports and analysis on time with a commitment to service excellence.
    • Empower customers to make informed decisions based on oil analysis results for proactive 
    • maintenance and timely predictive maintenance.
    • Raise awareness of industry best practices for lubrication maintenance through educational outreach.
    • Partner with customers to optimize their maintenance departments into cost-efficient centres that contribute to the bottom line.
Core Values                                                                                                                                                  
    • Teamwork
             We find solutions together.
             Our attitude towards our work is reflected in the fruits of our teamwork. 
    • Communication
             We listen to each other and we listen to our customers to continuously learn and improve.
    • Commitment
             We deliver on our promises. We are committed to our industry, our customers and our                        products                & services.
    • Integrity
            We have our customers’ welfare in mind. We value transparency and honesty, and hold them              as cornerstones to successful and trusting partnerships.
    • Competency
             We know our stuff and we always find the best solution.
             We are able to think outside the box for innovative and most suitable solutions to our                          customer's problems.
    • Growth
              We aspire, adapt & grow. 
              We plan our growth. 
              We strive to remain at the forefront of technology, and possess up-to-date knowledge of                     latest industry best practices.