Lubrication Program Audit
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A review/audit of the 12 key elements to lubrication management is conducted by our expert consultant (Kevan Slater), bench-marking with world class lubrication practises.


This is a very useful and helpful audit/survey that in giving a snapshot of where your plant ranks, and more importantly, on the potential improvements and savings!


The audit may be customized to focus on just selected elements, instead of the full works.


✓ Pre-audit checklist

✓ Review of documentation - lube list, procedures, etc

✓ Interviews with various stakeholders: Oiler, Technician, Lead Engineer, Maintenance/Reliability Manager

✓ Site/ Plant walk-about

✓ Compilation of Summary Manager Report, Presentation to Manager and Team

✓ Recommended action for improvement

✓ Financial (with input from customer) may be compiled to show projected implementation cost versus projected gains/returns   

 Start simple, make it practical, and focus on the low hanging fruit.

How do you expect something different, by doing what you have always done?

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