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    Winnie  Ho  wears  two  hats  at  Metalux  as  Laboratory Manager  and  Technical  Associate.  She has hands-on work experience in Wear Particle Analysis using the PREDICT Ferrography Technique as well as practical field experience in applied condition monitoring.

    On the field, Winnie provides technical support to reliability /maintenance departments in start and development of oil analysis programs, projects such as sampling point surveys and Oilsafe bulk storage commissioning and In-house training to customers.

    Winnie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering and is currently the Laboratory manager responsible for high quality & commitment in all aspects of the laboratory operations.  She is a STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), ICML MLA II (Machinery Lubricant Analyst II) and ICML MLT Level2 (Machinery Lubrication Technician). Winnie holds a Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Bhd, Malaysia (PSMB) Train-The-Trainer certificate.

    In line with the company’s position as leader in the field of Lubrication Maintenance, Winnie participates in local & international training & conferences to keep ahead in the latest developments in this area.


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     Ken Kizer

    Ken Kizer, CLS, OMA I & II, MLT I & II, MLA II

    Ken has over 20 years of lubrication experience. After passing the CLS in 1999, Ken developed a training class for a lubricant manufacturer. In 2002, he began his training career with Lubrication Training and Consultancy (LTC), owned by Ray Thibault from Houston, TX.

    Ken has since been involved in assisting Ray in over 30 public CLS training courses. In addition to this, Ken has also instructed over 20 MLT I courses for maintenance personnel of several manufacturing companies and lubricant manufacturers, with an established well over 90 percent pass rate. Ken has an interactive training style that makes the information easy to understand.

    Along with his extensive training and consulting, Ken’s lubrication class is geared to provide excellent lubrication training and to assist in passing the STLE CLS® exam. This is the standard for the industry and is utilized by many of the leading companies both lubricant suppliers and end users.


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    He is the founder and past president of Schematic Approach Inc, a leading company dedicated to the condition assessment and asset management of rotating equipment. Kevan has spent the last 25 years as a senior technical consultant developing, advocating and implementing technical, business and operating strategies for improving the reliability of industrial equipment to numerous companies and industries throughout North America.

    Kevan’s expertise focuses on improving and building maintenance foundations that promote continuous improvement of equipment reliability by ensuring people, technology and processes align in achieving a balanced reliable cost effective maintenance programme.

    A popular speaker, Kevan has over 10 years of experience teaching at the college level and over 20 years instructing public and private courses on fluid power, lubrication, lubrication management, PdM assessments and oil analysis. His extensive expertise providing industry with the financial and business benefits keeps him in-demand to provide company specific educational curricula development and presentation, lead benchmarking activities, PdM programme development and support of various plant reliability engineering projects.


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    Raymond retired from ExxonMobil with a 31 years of service in 2001 to form Lubrication Training & Consulting (LTC). He has provided extensive training and consulting for many of the leading companies. As a contributing editor for Lubrication Management & Technology magazine he writes bimonthly articles on lubrication.

    He teaches lubrication classes at the National STLE Conference, MARTS, and IMC; and served the session chairman for Lubricants World held at the International Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance Conferences. He is an active speaker and instructor at many local STLE chapters, and has conducted extensive on site training for many of the leading manufacturing companies.

     Along with his extensive training and consulting, ten years ago he developed a lubrication class to provide excellent lubrication training and to assist in passing the STLE CLS® exam. This is the standard for the industry and is utilized by many of the leading companies both lubricant suppliers and end users. Over 85 classes have been conducted worldwide with an excellent success rate on the exam.  

    Raymond resides in Houston, Texas.


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    Ho Cher Ri is a graduate from the National University of Singapore with an Honours  Bachelors  degree in Mechanical Engineering. Her knowledge and experience in oil analysis and vibration analysis has been rigorously honed since her part-time work with Metalux whilst as an undergraduate.  Her final year thesis involved the development of a pin on disk tribometer.

    Currently, she manages a portfolio of responsibilities that include providing technical consultancy to Metalux customers,  end-user trainings in in-service oil analysis and lubrication maintenance best practices, and conducting plant lubrication programme assessment and audit.

    Cher Ri  was certified by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) as a Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) in 2005 and as an Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA I) in 2008. She passed, also in 2008, the Mobius Institute certification exam in accordance with ISO 18436-2 and ASNT SNT-TC-1A standards for Vibration Analyst Level II.

    Cher Ri holds a Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Bhd, Malaysia (PSMB) Train-The-Trainer certificate, and an Institute of Technical Education, Singapore (ITE) Industry Trainer Module Certificate in Coaching Skills.