Raymond retired from ExxonMobil with a 31 years of service in 2001 to form Lubrication Training & Consulting (LTC). He has provided extensive training and consulting for many of the leading companies. As a contributing editor for Lubrication Management & Technology magazine he writes bimonthly articles on lubrication.

He teaches lubrication classes at the National STLE Conference, MARTS, and IMC; and served the session chairman for Lubricants World held at the International Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance Conferences. He is an active speaker and instructor at many local STLE chapters, and has conducted extensive on site training for many of the leading manufacturing companies.

 Along with his extensive training and consulting, ten years ago he developed a lubrication class to provide excellent lubrication training and to assist in passing the STLE CLS® exam. This is the standard for the industry and is utilized by many of the leading companies both lubricant suppliers and end users. Over 85 classes have been conducted worldwide with an excellent success rate on the exam.  

Raymond resides in Houston, Texas.