He is the founder and past president of Schematic Approach Inc, a leading company dedicated to the condition assessment and asset management of rotating equipment. Kevan has spent the last 25 years as a senior technical consultant developing, advocating and implementing technical, business and operating strategies for improving the reliability of industrial equipment to numerous companies and industries throughout North America.

Kevan’s expertise focuses on improving and building maintenance foundations that promote continuous improvement of equipment reliability by ensuring people, technology and processes align in achieving a balanced reliable cost effective maintenance programme.

A popular speaker, Kevan has over 10 years of experience teaching at the college level and over 20 years instructing public and private courses on fluid power, lubrication, lubrication management, PdM assessments and oil analysis. His extensive expertise providing industry with the financial and business benefits keeps him in-demand to provide company specific educational curricula development and presentation, lead benchmarking activities, PdM programme development and support of various plant reliability engineering projects.