Ken Kizer

Ken Kizer, CLS, OMA I & II, MLT I & II, MLA II

Ken has over 20 years of lubrication experience. After passing the CLS in 1999, Ken developed a training class for a lubricant manufacturer. In 2002, he began his training career with Lubrication Training and Consultancy (LTC), owned by Ray Thibault from Houston, TX.

Ken has since been involved in assisting Ray in over 30 public CLS training courses. In addition to this, Ken has also instructed over 20 MLT I courses for maintenance personnel of several manufacturing companies and lubricant manufacturers, with an established well over 90 percent pass rate. Ken has an interactive training style that makes the information easy to understand.

Along with his extensive training and consulting, Ken’s lubrication class is geared to provide excellent lubrication training and to assist in passing the STLE CLS® exam. This is the standard for the industry and is utilized by many of the leading companies both lubricant suppliers and end users.