Winnie Photo Orange

Winnie  Ho  wears  two  hats  at  Metalux  as  Laboratory Manager  and  Technical  Associate.  She has hands-on work experience in Wear Particle Analysis using the PREDICT Ferrography Technique as well as practical field experience in applied condition monitoring.

On the field, Winnie provides technical support to reliability /maintenance departments in start and development of oil analysis programs, projects such as sampling point surveys and Oilsafe bulk storage commissioning and In-house training to customers.

Winnie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering and is currently the Laboratory manager responsible for high quality & commitment in all aspects of the laboratory operations.  She is a STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), ICML MLA II (Machinery Lubricant Analyst II) and ICML MLT Level2 (Machinery Lubrication Technician). Winnie holds a Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Bhd, Malaysia (PSMB) Train-The-Trainer certificate.

In line with the company’s position as leader in the field of Lubrication Maintenance, Winnie participates in local & international training & conferences to keep ahead in the latest developments in this area.