Tag it at every stage along your lubricant supply chain, 

to match the right lubricant, to the right apparatus, to the right machine.

 LILT plastic peel1


Tag : Schematic & Colour Coded. Self-adhesive.
Label : User self-customising & self-printing. Label
protected under a transparent clear laminate.

LILT plastic


Pail Tag  Drum Tag  Bulk Tag

Grease Pail Tag Web2  GearBox Tag  Kuraray nipple tag

TP crv Green Tag

wholeset tie

If you prefer to tie the Lube ID Label Tag to an apparatus or equipment  port instead of by sticking it on to a surface, use the Label Tag with a Tie Plate.

The plastic Tie Plate is colour-coded in the same 10 colours as the Lube ID Label Tag, and incorporates an integral grease nipple cap which may be cut off if not required. It also has an integral retaining ring allowing it to be attached directly on to a greasing nipple without the need for a chain or cord.