Metalux supplied and commissioned an OilSafe Lubrication Advanced Bulk Storage System for Holcim’s cement milling plant in Johor, Malaysia.

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Holcim’s drive for best practices in lubrication maintenance led to the adoption of the OilSafe System to ensure the highest standard for their lubrication management. Holcim engineers custom designed a new lube room for optimal lube storage, pre-filtering new oil to their desired cleanliness level,and clean and afe dispensing, transfer and filling of the cleaned new oil into their machines. 

It was easy and safe to position and secure the OilSafe Bulk Storage System in the designated place in the new lube room as it was supplied pre-assembled.

There are eight (8) bulk storage tanks,which has a holding capacity of 65 US-gallons each,and are colour-coded to differentiate the oil types. Each tank is fitted with its own dedicated filtration system to clean the oil to the oil-specific cleanliness level. Each tank is also fitted with its own dedicated desiccant breather to prevent the ingress of airborne dust particles and moisture through the breather air. This is a shift from the typical direct-from-oil-drum to an advanced system that pre-filter clean the oil prior to dispensing. OilSafe transfer containers that have fully-sealed lids and purpose-designed nozzles are used to ensure that the cleaned oil remains clean during transfer from storage to equipment. OilSafe transfer containers are similarly colour-coded as the bulk storage tanks to prevent errors in lube handling.

Paul Gasaway from OilSafe (USA) was invited to meet Holcim’s reliability and lubrication maintenance team to further share the techniques and benefits of good lubrication contamination control.