Machinery Oil Analysis MLAII 2017 Training Class successfully held


JOHOR BAHRU - A 3-Day training which included a Laboratory visit, for a practical and interactive experience!  We are pleased for the 79% pass rate for this course. We look forward to conducting an even better version of this training in the upcoming 2018.

Participants not only attended classroom training, but also visited the instruments, and got to peer into microscopes to see ferrographic  wear particles extracted from the oil.

14-16 August: 3-day course led by Winnie/Saiful/Wanqi & elective exam ICML MLA II

Venue: KSL Resort Hotel, Johor Bahru & Metalux Laboratory Skudai


Metalux Lab Visit     

Lab Analyst explaining AES (Atomic Emission Spectro)     Classroom Oil Sampling Practical


Sharing on Tools for Lubrication Excellence                    ICC Seminar Room : Oil Analysis Presentation

EVENT Bonus : New friends, Sharing of Experiences & Good Food ++ Special Machinery Oil Analysis Book (Specially from USA)