Machinery Oil Analysis Training Class and CbmXpress Seminar successfully held. 

Machinery Oil Analysis Training

17-20 August: 3-day course led by Mr Kevan Slater & elective exam by ICML for MLA II.

CbmXpress Seminar 2015

20 August: Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

21 August: Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore


  Machinery Oil Analysis Training (MLA II)

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The Machinery Oil Analysis Training is a 3-day training to prepare participants for the ICML MLA II certification examination.   Participants with Kevan J Slater (Canada) at Machinery Oil Analysis Training 2015.
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Lubrication and reliabililty professionals from various industries attended the training at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur.     MLA II certification is an ISO 18436-4 Standard. 


Metalux CbmXpress Seminar 2015

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20 August, Kuala Lumpur 

21 August, Singapore

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Ms Winnie Ho discussing different methods of Particle Counting.    Mr Kevan Slater shared on how to have an effective lubrication programme, filtration basics, and the ideal lube room. 
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Holcim shared about their lube room design which included an advanced lube bulk storage system.   An opportunity to network with other industries and share strategies in lubrication maintenance. 
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Metalux cbmXpress Seminar aims to inform industry peers on lubrication topics. Seminars were done both in Kuala Lumpur (20 August) and Singapore (21 August).   Kevan explained some of the tools that can be used for easy, consistent sampling.