Test equipment

Internorman laser particle counter with BSS (bottle sampling) unit

Sample size

200ml (recommended), 120ml (minimum, no dilution)


ISO 4406 reporting


Cleanliness class accordance to ISO

Number of particles in size classes of > 4µ, > 6µ, > 14µ

Test methodology

Laser-blocking particle counting test works by shining a laser perpendicular to a capillary detection zone. The particles passing through the capillary detection zone then will cause the formation of shadows on a detector opposite the laser. The detector will then be able to determine the size and amount of particle from the shadow formed

It should be noted that a false positve result might be reported from optical particle counts. Both air bubbles, and free and emulsified water appear as if they are a particle using the optical particle counting method. Air Bubbles can be removed by using an ultrasonic bath and vacuum de-gassing.

Metalux currently does not perform water masking with solvents, but an ASTM is currently available for dilution and removal of water. This technique will be reviewed for near future application.

Notes (application)

Particles will cause abrasion wear, affect machinery performance and MTBF. Particles in the lubricant could also increase lubricant degradation rates.

Suitable for systems

Especially useful for hydraulic systems that need clean oils for optimal operations. Also suitable for Oils from turbine, compressor, pump, blower, motor, and circulating systems.